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Ever heard of the Ludic Fallacy ?

It was proposed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book The Black Swan (2007):


“…organized competitive fighting trains the athlete to focus on the game and […] to ignore the possibility of what is not specifically allowed by the rules, such as kicks to the groin, a surprise knife, etc. So those who win the gold medal might be precisely those who will be most vulnerable in real life.”

Knowing how to react in real-life situations can save you, and the people you love, from injury and harm. The kind of situations that can suddenly happen while you’re in a takeaway, whilst queuing for a taxi, or getting money out of a cash machine.

Kapap Krav Maga Self Defence (Manchester) doesn’t train you to get a pretty coloured belt.

There are no grades.

There is no marking.

It’s about defending and attacking at one and the same time. 

About getting out of the way. Off the line. Making yourself safe. 

Even if that sometimes simply means teaching you when to just walk away…




Over the years we’ve had 70+ year olds training with us – NEVER underestimate them 🙂

We’ve had 16 year olds throw grown men with 66 inch chests to the floor.

Claire is whip thin and 5’4″ – but she knows your soft spots – don’t mess.

We’ve welcomed doctors, lawyers, airline stewards, mechanics, secretaries and weird people who build websites… you’re always going to be warmly welcomed. 


We Are Committed to Safety First

Unlike some self-defence schools, we also teach when to recognize opportunities to defuse.

To move away.

To accept and or minimize a situation.

Your best training will often be using your head.

To know when to walk away,

To hand over that purse or give them your place in the taxi queue.


The club was founded in 2002 by Tony Bradley. Tony was one of the first people to be certified as a Krav Maga instructor in 2001. He trained in Israel and the UK under the legendary figures Avi Nardia and Itay Gill.

Unfortunately Tony passed away in 2020, and the club is now led by his long-time student, now teacher, Craig Ridge.

Craig had studied Aikido for 10 years before coming across Tony’s kapap style Krav Maga School in 2011. He embraces Tony’s philosophy of street-focused realism and no-end of his sarcasm 🙂  

In 2021 Craig was awarded Instructor Status by the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts from the Spartans Academy

That street-based realism is to key to the school’s philosophy. As Tony once said:

“When training in Krav, don’t ask yourself how good a defender you are, ask yourself how good the attacker is.”

People don’t attack slowly like zombies and they don’t thrust a knife just the once.

What you will learn

How to get out of choke holds – from the front, side or behind. Escape headlocks, hugs, shirt and wrist grabs.

Defend yourself on the floor, if someone is on top of you on the floor, and get up safely.

Punches, sticks and knives; blocks, counters, controls and disarms.

Drills in multiple counters using punches, hammer punches, palm slaps, elbows, knees and kicks.

Movement off the line of attack. Deflecting. Distracting. Always looking.

Reacting under pressure. Conditioning. Multiple attacker scenarios. 


It doesn’t matter how big the other person is, everyone has the same weak points.

Although I only trained with Tony for a year he changed my life in that I now have strategies rather than fears when I am out running alone.

Bad Ass Claire

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1-3 Adelphi St, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 4ES

Class every Monday, 7:00pm to 8:30pm.
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