Class Instructional Videos

Now and again, here and there, sometimes sometimes not, a series of instructional videos are filmed to help you master, in your own time, some of the core techniques.

Please feel free to share and use as you like, but we ask that you don’t edit or amend them, call them your own, and if possible, give us a link back to this site.

Special thanks to our 9-year-old camera lady. Scorsese watch out.

Merry Krav-mas.

  • Opposite – January 2021: Circular attacks, stepping forward, striking from rear, from the front.

    The videos follow a sequence.

    1) Strike from passive 
    2) Circle attack from passive
    3) Stepping in, strike rear arm
    4) 360 defence (recap)
    5) 360 blocking, moving striking
    6) Putting all techniques together


  • …stay tuned